Legislative Issues


January, 2021 – The following is a review of MOAA’s legislative priorities for the coming Congressional session. MOAA is already working to inform and influence the incoming administration and the new Congress regarding critical issues affecting the America’s military. These initiatives were identified in a previous MOAA website and electronic newsletter by MOAA staffer Dan Merry.

These objectives are broad in nature and are subject to refinement and interpretation depending on the latest legislation, as well as activities on the Hill or within the administration and its departments. Visit the MOAA Advocacy news page for the latest on all these subjects and others.

  • Protect the value of the military health care benefit (potential elimination of 18,000 medical billets and clo-sure of 22 medical facilities).
  • Protect the military health system’s pharmacy benefit, and achieve flexibility in TRICARE pharmacy copays.
  • Address barriers to accessing care within the military health system, including TRICARE coverage gaps and mental health care access challenges.
  • Protect family support programs, and ensure military-provided services (housing, PCS, child care) are affordable, readily available, and meet quality standards.
  • Sustain pay raises for the troops and COLA raises for retirees.
  • Ensure Coast Guard members are paid during a government shutdown.
  • Sustain Veterans Health Administration (VHA) foundational missions and services.
  • Achieve equity of benefits, protections, and administrative support for Guard and Reserve members consistent with their active-duty counterparts.
  • Reform the presumptive process to support veterans claiming service-connected disabilities for toxic exposures.
  • Achieve concurrent receipt of service-earned retirement pay and VA disability pay.
  • Protect Arlington National Cemetery as an option for those currently eligible to receive full military honors through expansion of our national cemetery.
  • Improve survivor benefits.

Again, please take a few moments to visit the MOAA web site and link to ADVOCACY section scroll down to Legislative Action Center. This identifies all of the legislative issues and bills that MOAA supports which re-quire your active involvement to take action. Remember to contact your Congressional representatives (Senate and House) to express your concerns. Please remember that there are also many state legislative issues that require your support as well. It is sad to note that no meaningful Congressional legislation has taken place since January 2020. MOAA National will be actively monitoring the legislative efforts of Congress and keep all members appraised of on-going actions of major concern.

Go to the MOAA website and start your actions regarding this and other issues.